Airport Tribulations: Attempting re-entry as a non-citizen

Lately there have been more stories of permament residents (green card holders) returning to the US undergoing scrutiny and ultimately losing their residency.

Airports are typically enough of a drag with cancelled flights, lost luggage, long lines, and illogical security protocols.  CBP (Customs & Border Patrol) now seems to be stepping up scrutiny of long time permanent residents as they attempt to re-enter the United States.  Not to be overly sarcastic, but that doesn’t seem to be the best way of protecting our borders from terrorists and violent overthrowers to be of our government.

Present immigration law presumes that a permanent resident “abandons” one’s residency after being out of country for an extended period of time.  At six months most people have to explain why they were out of the country.  Any longer than that, it becomes problematic.

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