US Immigrants in the Olympics

Completely off topic, but in honor of the Olympics starting in Beijing this week, I thought I would post articles discussing foreign-born immigrant athletes proudly competing for the United States. By most counts there are approximately 33 foreign born athletes (who are all now US Citizens) competing in the Olympics on the US Team.

USA Today: Foreign-born Athletes Take Olympic Stage for US

And another story in the New York Times about Bernard Lagat, a Kenyan born runner who is now a US citizen (who interestingly enough is coached by a Chinese-born, US citizen naturalized citizen). Both compete proudly for the United States.

And another story about a Chinese-born gymnastics coach (but now a US Citizen), as he attempts to lead his charge, Shawn Johnson, to a gold in Bejing.

[Update:  A new article in the LA Times about Lopez Lomong, a former Sudanese “Lost Boy” (now naturalized US citizen) who will be American flag bearer for our Olympic team during the Opening Ceremonies.  Awesome.]

So keep an eye out when you set your DVRs to record the Olympics.

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