Going to School in the US

Of all places, the Immigration & Customs Enforcement has a list of SEVIS approved schools, so you can can choose schools based on geography. Not quite like google maps, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Finding a school is always one of the first steps in order to study in the US (I’m sorry for stating the oh-so-obvious). But once a desirable school is found and admissions taken care of, then the process to get an F-1 (or J-1 in some cases) starts. Most schools have a foreign student officer of some sort that handles all matters. Some schools take care of their foreign students better than others. The process is pretty internal once you are in the school and a lot of discretion lies with the school.

So, if you want a comprehensive list as to where to start, click below:

ICE’s List of SEVIS Approved Schools

[For those who have asked, the photo above is of my alma mater, UC Berkeley. Go Bears!]

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