USCIS Update on Naturalization Application Processing Times

USCIS also posted new information on the processing times for naturalization (citizenship) applications.

The information packed press release can be found here.

The press release states that one shoud now expect an average processing time of around 12 months for naturalization applications (N-400) as opposed to the 16-18 months that it took last year. The increase in processing time is attributed to the surge in naturalization applications last year right before fees for the application increased.

The press release breaks down the expected processing times for each branch office nationally. For example, Honolulu, Hawaii and Sacramento, California have relatively short (five months) processing times. These are the same times roughly for Helena, Montana, and San Jose, California.

Major offices like Los Angeles and Washington D.C., have over 12 and a half month waits. Still not has high as New Orleans and Charlotte, North Carolina which are over 14 and half months.

There is improvement in processing times. However, with all things, patience goes a long way.

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