Coming to America: Expectations

An Iraqi blogger from the NY Times writes about her expectations about coming to America — in particular the education system.  She is Christian and worked for the NY Times as a translator in Iraq.  She will be coming to America soon.

The blog entry begins with this paragraph:

“I don’t know what I’m going to face in America. All of my opinions about America, and American universities, do not come from people who have been there or from people who have lived that life. They just come from watching movies.”

I believe it’s probably true — the image of America overseas is fashioned through movies.

Click here for the blog entry.

She’ll continue to write about her new life here in the US.  I’ll be curious as to how her expectations are met/exceeded/diminshed/not met as she lives here.  The perspective that she brings as someone on the verge of arriving here is something we forget as Americans — regardless of which side of the immigration debate you are on.

For me personally, a part of me believes in what she articulated in the blog entry above and I’m reminded of that everytime I read a narrative such as hers.

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