Silicon Valley Hampered by Immigration Laws

The New York Times discusses the problems that Silicon Valley firms face when attempting to recruit world wide talent.  Currently, the article has a very interesting multimedia widget next to it that shows graphically the countries of origin for certain occupations.  For example, Vietnam contributes the highest number of foreign workers to the hairdresser and personal grooming category.  And the top three countries that contribute  writers, entertainers, and entertainers are:  1) Mexico; 2) Great Britain; 3) Korea.

NY Times Article:  In Silicon Valley, Recruting Clashes With Immigration Limits

February 2009 Visa Bulletin

Visa Bulletin

The February 2009 Visa Bulletin is out and ready to be perused.

There is movement for certain employment based categories. In particular the Employment 2nd has shown movement for those petitioning from India and China.  However, in the 3rd UNSKILLED category, there is retrogression for those from China, Mexico, and India (different in the regular 3rd category for China and Mexico).

The family based numbers have also shown movement, but you can see those yourself on the link below.