February 2009 Visa Bulletin

Visa Bulletin

The February 2009 Visa Bulletin is out and ready to be perused.

There is movement for certain employment based categories. In particular the Employment 2nd has shown movement for those petitioning from India and China.  However, in the 3rd UNSKILLED category, there is retrogression for those from China, Mexico, and India (different in the regular 3rd category for China and Mexico).

The family based numbers have also shown movement, but you can see those yourself on the link below.


Visa Bulletin December 2008


December 2008 VISA BULLETIN

The above photo is a departure from our normal “bulletin” photo.  I just returned from a trip to China, which was fantastic.  I highly recommend people to check out China — a week in Shanghai and a week in Beijing.

The only thing about the December 2008 Visa Bulletin that you should know, in regards to the employment visa availability, is that it’s exactly the same as the November 2008 Bulletin.

Visa Bulletin for September 2008

The new visa bulletin is available from US Department of State. It’s usually available around the 15th for the following month. It’s good to know not everyone is watching the Olympics.  The follow link will take you to website with the most current immigrant visa availability for both employment based and family based immigrant petitions:

Check the Visa Bulletin for September 2008

The only thing of note (to me at least) is that the employment based immigrant visas (we’re talking about permanent residency or “green cards”) 3rd Category (Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Workers) are still unavailable. In other words, not much in terms of change.